IM Comparison

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Name Spyware Rating Network Architecture Operating System License Verdict
WhatsApp Unrated Centralized Various Proprietary Do Not Use
Telegram Unrated Centralized Various Client is free software, proprietary server Do Not Use
Skype Unrated Centralized Various Proprietary Do Not Use
Discord Extremely High Centralized WebUI and Electron, 3rd party clients prohibited Proprietary Do Not Use
Signal Unrated Centralized Android, Electron MIT, server partially proprietary Avoid
Threema Unrated Centralized Android, iOS, Web Client under GPLv3 , proprietary server Avoid
Wire Unrated Centralized Various AGPLv3, GPLv3 Stay away
Session Unrated Decentralized, Swarms (blockchain) ? ? Stay away
Matrix Unrated Decentralized, dominant instance, Federated WebUI, electron (official client), various (3rd party clients) Apache (official implementations), various (other) Stay away
XMPP Unrated Decentralized, Federated Various, depends on client CC-BY-SA 2.0 (specification), various (clients) Good
GNU Jami Unrated Decentralized, P2P Android, most desktop OSs GPLv3 Probably okay
Briar Unrated Decentralized, P2P Android, Linux GPLv3 Probably okay